My Background in Meditation

It was 2007 and I was a 27 year old new mom when I first started getting into meditation. I began going to a weekly class with a group of women and sometimes in the class we would do meditations. Usually these were guided energy experiences. I loved it and started to do some of these at home for myself. In 2013 I became introduced to AcuEnergetics® an energy healing modality that has a strong emphasis in meditation. I loved these meditations as well and also brought them into my home practice. I later became an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and AcuEnergetics® Meditation Teacher. 

My Style in Meditation

As your instructor leading you in meditation class I incorporate all aspects of my meditation background and training. Sometimes we will connect to energy to follow and flow with it in more of a guided experience and sometimes our practice will center on my formal training as an AcuEnergetics® meditation teacher. I have a natural interest in spirituality and love to connect to inspiration so these topics also blend into my style. 

Why Moms and Why Now?

I am a mother of two. This is a picture of me with my son Gavin and my daughter Marin summing up the quality of life- a little bit crazy and a little bit fun. So, the answer is because you're my people. And because we are each other's people. Because there is a supportive and nurturing quality to women's relationships that I think we all want more of. And being a Mom is its own complex gift of womanhood worthy of having its own space for relating. The why now points directly to divine timing. I believe in God and I believe in God's plan. I feel I am ready, for this, and if you are ready with me I would love for you to join us. Let's 'Band Together to Expand Together.' Making the world a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter, together, in our collective and individual efforts of beingness- for inner and outer peace and love.

Why Moms Should Meditate...

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Personal Changes through Meditation

     When I first started getting into meditation, I mean really getting into it and practicing every day, it was not easy. Life called to me with 100’s of distractions but I had made a commitment to myself to just sit and do the inner smile every day no matter what and so I stuck with it despite the continued distractions. Not too long into my daily practice I started to be better at letting go of the nagging distractions and was more present in the moment of this time allotted just for me. 

    In a short amount of time I found that I started to really enjoy meditation and in fact crave it because it felt good! And then a bit further into my practice this amazing thing started to happen during my meditation time. I could now feel this incredible physical sensation of my heart center, rolling around and pulsing in my chest, opening. Not only was I opening up to feeling subtle energy but my heart was becoming more open by doing this simple daily exercise that I now loved! 

    And then even further still into my practice I noticed I was changing. Not because I was trying to change or even thinking about changing but because there was this unconscious shift going on with opening my consciousness. I started to notice I was less reactive, not as quick to get frustrated with my children. I started to notice I was happier and smiled more, even sang out loud more. I also started to notice that I could now look into the eyes of other people in oncoming cars in traffic, something I didn’t even notice I didn’t do until I started noticing I was doing it now! That was a pretty powerful revelation for me I think because it was such an unconscious result in direct relation of my heart being more open, open to connecting in eye-contact with the stranger passing-by.  

    I continue to practice daily, not only because it feels good, but because it is the daily practice that allows these subtle shifts to continue to open and because I know I have more growth and enjoyment yet to come in the experience. 

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