The Nature of Motherhood

Being a mom is one of God's greatest assignments. As a mom you are endowed with the special gift of being able to nurture your family. However, sometimes it is the very nature of motherhood that tips the scale of balance and leads you towards depletion. As a mom have you ever felt...

  • stressed out

  • short-tempered

  • mentally maxed

  • physically fatigued

  • emotionally worn down

  • or disconnected from yourself

Moms of Meditation Online Classes Aim to Bring you Relief

No matter how busy you think you are it is imperative as a mom to build into your life something that gives back to you. The practice of meditation does just that.

What are the benefits?

  • Experience greater relaxation, joy, and balance

  • Invest in you and inspire personal growth

  • Build a stress free meditation practice that gives to you

  • Enjoy meditation from the comfort of your own home

  • Expert insight and support from your instructor Korinn

Moms need Moms

Take your free class now and qualify to join the private Moms of Meditation Alumni Facebook group. This is where you can connect, share with, and support other mommas like you!


  • “My meditation sessions with Korinn are always a great experience. She is very resourceful and helpful to give tools and insight on how to become centered, grounded, and present in the moment.” – Carey M. from Michigan

  • “Working with Korinn in an online course was easy, informational, and life changing. Easy- because I could do it at my own convenience wherever I wanted. Informative- Korinn guides you in a way that is comforting, encouraging, and peaceful. She meets you where you are at. Life-changing- because I found a sense of self that I have needed to reconnect with.” -Leta P. from Minnesota

  • “Korinn I am so happy that our roads have met. As I began your teachings I was overwhelmed with visions of color and peace. Joy was bubbling up within. As I continued your meditations, I was able to tap into calm better. Bringing myself back to center. Thank you so much for the words and calm that you brought.” – Shannon B. from Texas

  • “I participated in Korinn’s online meditation. The videos Korinn posted throughout were informative and fun. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to take some time for myself and reflect on what makes me happy in the smile meditation. I felt more relaxed and focused after every meditation. And in continuing to practice I am noticing I am calmer and I smile more.” – Dori M. from Wisconsin

Meet Your Instructor

Korinn S. Hawkins

A little bit about me, I am a widowed single-mother of two, an author, and a trained meditation instructor. Meditation became a part of my life around the same time that I became a first time mom in 2007. It was perfect timing! Both adding so much to life! I know first hand how meditation can be life-changing. So, if you are looking to make some changes in your life, you are in a good place. You might also want to check out: